The whole Kit & Kaboomle

Hello friends!

We are excited as heck to finally have the whole Kit & Kaboomle collection online! For everyone and anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter or missed out on grabbing extra stuff, now’s your chance! More than that, we’re offering everyone an extra 15% off your entire order with the code “kaboomle” at checkout!

Jill going full goblin mode in celebrations of our amazing Kaboomle dress and hoodie!

We are *also* very likely going to be launching some new designs next week for pre-order, so be sure to keep your eyes on the site and our social media! Otherwise, you can find us in person at Connecticon, Gencon, Otakon and PAX West coming up!

Spring Cleaning Sale!

Hello friends!

We are SO excited to welcome a bunch of new products for the summer (including our amazing Pathfinder collection), but before we welcome the new, we must clean out the old!

That’s right! There are a ton of new things in the Sale section (with older things being further reduced), Mystery Shirts have been updated, and everything else is on sale for 20% off with the code “Spring23”! If you’ve had your eye on anything, now’s your chance to grab those things–for the final sale items in particular, those are literally the last of those runs so make sure you grab them while you can!

New collection mini-campaign!

Hello friends!

Today I am SO EXCITED to launch a kickstarter for our new mini collection: The Friend Folio. It’s a mini collection of pins and tees inspired by your favorite fiends!

The Friend Folio: A Fiendish Apparel Collection

As many of you who have been speaking to me at conventions probably know, the ideas for these designs have been knocking around for a few years. It’s so exciting to finally be bringing them to life with this collection!

The Audacity of this Lich turning adventurers into productive members of the household
Our eldritch design bringing new meaning to the words “brain food”

This Kickstarter will also include stretch goals for reprinting some of your favorite designs with Baeholder and Stay Thirsty, so definitely get on board and tell all your friends!

We will also be doing a Kickstarter Launch Stream today (April 12) so feel free to stop by and keep me company!

Shipping delays

Hello friends!

So good news and bad news–The bad news is that due to shipping delays, I still haven’t received the bulk of my product shipments from Fedex (aka the product that was *supposed* to arrive in Sacramento and never did, nor the returns from the show we did in Phoenix). I have done everything I could to figure out how to get them here faster and have sadly hit a bit of a brick wall.

The good news is that I **was** able to fill as many orders as I could with the limited stock I had at home. Another 40ish orders will be going out today (yay!) and you guys should be getting notifications that it is being sent.

To everyone else, I am so very grateful for your patience and so very sorry that things are more on fire than they should be. I will be bringing my order sheets to gencon this weekend to hopefully fill some more as I (assuming the shipments don’t get delayed again) get restocked there, so if you will be attending, you can pick up your stuff in person at booth 2441!

Savagesparrow Summer Sale!

The heat is on, so enjoy our cool styles for summer!

Hello Friends!

Summer’s on so we are doing a sweet sale on our entire line of tank tops! The tanks are all $5 off, no coupon code required! The tanks are all 100% cotton and feature some of our more popular designs and are great for braving the outside, the gym, the beach, or just flexing how cool it is to not be burdened by sleeves! Most run up to 2X, some are available in 3X!

First convention of the season!

We are also very excited to announce we will be at our first convention of 2021–Anime Matsuri! We will be at booths 1401 and 1403, so please do stop by and say hi! We’ll have the Witchy Vibes line of things and all our awesome regular stuff! We’ve been itching to get back out there and it will be so lovely to meet all of you and see your faces again!

Virtual Horror Con 2021

Today I am excited to announce that Savagesparrow Studios is one of the many proud sponsors of Virtual Horror Con 2021 by the lovely folx at Gehenna Gaming. The convention will feature a whole weekend filled with amazing tabletop RPG and other gaming experiences, as well as a variety of panels, demos, and workshops!

This weekend, three days of amazing games and ghouls!

It’s not too late to sign up for spots at the various open tables–some of which are even being run by the developers themselves!–just go to the signup page on the Virtual Horror Con website. The proceeds go towards putting on amazing events going forward, paying the GMs putting on the various games, and to charity!

I’ll also be playing in the Red Opera D&D module on Sunday, so be sure to check that out!

Finally, we are having ourselves an awesome sale this weekend in honor of the event! Every purchase will receive this super cute sticker of a movie fan variant of our Witch mascot, on top of the discounts with the code “VHC2021”.

Get excited and happy gaming!

Black Friday Weekend Sale!

Hello friends!

Here’s hoping everyone is having a happy and fantastic week as you count down the hours to freedom and fantastic food! Covid-19 has been a heartbreaking struggle for so many, and it’s completely changed how we’ve had to do business. We are so thankful to all of you for your support during these times; because of you, we will be able to stick around to kick ass in 2021!

But for right now, we want to thank YOU! Until Monday night, November 30, enter code “eattrash20” for 20% off your entire order. That’s right friends, Santa Sparrow is here to help you make your holiday wardrobe that much more awesome without breaking the bank!

There is free shipping automatically applied on all orders over $50 (US) and $100(International).

Next up, we have our badass new Unidentified MEGA LOOT bundles! These bundles have at least FIVE items within for $35, valued at at least $80. Shirts, tanks, leggings, bags, books–it runs the gamut of everything we’ve ever sold, and you guys get to profit.

We also have a slew of brand new markdowns in the Sale section! Be sure to explore the section and check them out!

Welcome to the Flipside!

Hello friends! I am excited to announce that we have setup a Partner Store for the super awesome webcomic Flipside, by Brion Foulke. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, Flipside follows around the adventures of a Jester girl named Maytag and her female bodyguard, Bernadette as they journey through the fantasy realm of Iscariot.

All ten of the Flipside books are now online, as well as the really awesome Nier-inspired T-shirt Brion designed. I know there’s been a bunch of you who have been excited about this shirt at conventions, so it’s awesome to be able to have it online once again! While sizes are limited for the right now, it will be getting a reprint soon. Keep an eye on the page as we add more Flipside products to the roster!

2B is fully loaded and ready to go with this design!

Finally, we will be starting our Black Friday sale a bit early this year by launching on Wednesday! With the code “eattrash20”, everyone will be able to take 20% off their entire purchase, and as usual, free shipping for all orders over $50 ($100 for international). We will also be launching a new “mega mystery” bundle, which will be 5 items at at least an $80 value for $35. It’s the perfect thing for getting sweet gifts for friends or white elephant events, or to just have a whole new wardrobe! Bundles will be grouped by size, and available until they sell out.

Witchy Halloween!

Hello friends! Your friendly neighborhood Sparrow here to wish you all a delightfully spooky night of ghosts and goodies at a safe enough distance away. Good news for everyone who is having Halloween at home, however, is that the whole witchy line is now, officially, online! What’s more, from today til next saturday, get $5 off your whole order with the code “Witchy”.

Let’s take a closer look at what the collection has to offer!

Firstly, the most requested item–the Witchy Vibes Blanket. This thing is soft and it is thick–it is quite possibly the most wonderful burrito blanket a person could ask for, modeled by the most adorable doggo, Buddy.

Next, the Witchy Vibes Dress itself–Friends, this dress is not only stretchy, comfy and soft, but it has pockets. And not just any pockets–big pockets. I can comfortably fit my Switch Lite in them, because apparently, the Switch is the strandard by which I judge storage space.

Another widely requested item–The Witchy Vibes Fanny Pack. Every single convention I have about a dozen people asking for fanny packs, and now I have finally made them! Featuring super cute star zipper pulls and more pockets than I know what to do with, these things are amazing.

The Hex Appeal Enamel Pin is my first foray into making enamel pins, and I’m so very excited with how cute she came out!

Finally, we have made a fresh new update for the Basic Witch t-shirt! The shirt is printed on the same hyper soft cotton as our Lavender Town tee, making it a favorite for max comfy lounging!

Witchy Vibes Kickstarter

Hello friends!

While the Covid situation has definitively destroyed our travel plans, it hasn’t destroyed our desire to create new things! I am super excited to finally show off the new dress design I’ve been teasing for the last few months–the Witchy Vibes design!

The project features a new dress design–complete with pockets–with a kawaii pattern inspired by occulty items. Additionally, the old Basic Witch t-shirt has received an updated design and available for pre-order with a few other awesome rewards. If you’re interested in getting in on the reduced rates and cool things, give it a looksee! The more money raised, the more exciting things we can create!