Savagesparrow Summer Sale!

The heat is on, so enjoy our cool styles for summer!

Hello Friends!

Summer’s on so we are doing a sweet sale on our entire line of tank tops! The tanks are all $5 off, no coupon code required! The tanks are all 100% cotton and feature some of our more popular designs and are great for braving the outside, the gym, the beach, or just flexing how cool it is to not be burdened by sleeves! Most run up to 2X, some are available in 3X!

First convention of the season!

We are also very excited to announce we will be at our first convention of 2021–Anime Matsuri! We will be at booths 1401 and 1403, so please do stop by and say hi! We’ll have the Witchy Vibes line of things and all our awesome regular stuff! We’ve been itching to get back out there and it will be so lovely to meet all of you and see your faces again!

Virtual Horror Con 2021

Today I am excited to announce that Savagesparrow Studios is one of the many proud sponsors of Virtual Horror Con 2021 by the lovely folx at Gehenna Gaming. The convention will feature a whole weekend filled with amazing tabletop RPG and other gaming experiences, as well as a variety of panels, demos, and workshops!

This weekend, three days of amazing games and ghouls!

It’s not too late to sign up for spots at the various open tables–some of which are even being run by the developers themselves!–just go to the signup page on the Virtual Horror Con website. The proceeds go towards putting on amazing events going forward, paying the GMs putting on the various games, and to charity!

I’ll also be playing in the Red Opera D&D module on Sunday, so be sure to check that out!

Finally, we are having ourselves an awesome sale this weekend in honor of the event! Every purchase will receive this super cute sticker of a movie fan variant of our Witch mascot, on top of the discounts with the code “VHC2021”.

Get excited and happy gaming!

Temporary Hiatus

Hey guys!

So our old printer/fulfillment company, Monument, will be closing its doors soon. We wish them the best as they move on to new things, and are really happy with all of the wonderful work they’ve done for us over the years.

But for the time being, this means the online shop is temporarily on hold while I wait to receive my existing stock, find a new fulfillment company, and get everything organized. I am hoping it won’t take more than a couple weeks, but I won’t deny there’s some trepidation about bouncing into something new. I want to make sure the new endeavor is better than the old, and that means researching all the things and learning from past mistakes. I really want to thank everyone for their patience and continued support!

In the mean time, I will still be exhibiting at conventions. Youmacon in Detroit will be the next one I’ll be at, followed by Oni-con in Galvaston. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

NYCC retrospective

NYCC is simultaneously an amazing experience and an amazing headache. As much as I adore the culture, fashion and food of NYC, I am strongly of the opinion that NYC drivers believe the commute is Deathrace 2000. But thankfully, we were Witnessed and totally able to make it through to sell some really awesome t-shirts to a whole set of new fans!

This year was a first as we were splitting the table with the lovely team at The Slug and Kraken. She makes really amazing jewelry and accessories inspired by sea creatures! Be sure to send her some love and look at her cool creations (and crustations).

There were some pretty neat things being promoted this go round. For the audible release of the Harry Potter books, they had a giant pensieve immersive experience. By choosing a vial, you got to follow the journey of a particular character and then a free copy of one of the books. My friend learned so much more about Voldemort!

Comics-wise, I am always looking forward into all the things coming from Image. New releases from Saga, The Wicked+The Divine and Blackbird sorely tempted to pull moneys from my wallet. The Deadly Class series also looks pretty neat, but I was unable to pick it up. But I guess it will also be a tv series in the winter, so something neat to look forward to.


I can’t even speak of how perfectly the casting has brought these characters to life. And holy moly, between this, Harry Potter and Jessica Jones I am just in complete love with David Tennant as a bad guy. No one else is capable of seething so beautifully, it is just an absolute joy to watch.

The final thing I will close out with are some of the few cosplay pics I managed to snag! Sadly, my phone lost many of the other photos I had saved, but it’s ok! Still many enjoyable cool and creepy cosplays for all! Feel free to follow my instagram so you can keep up with the convention action while we’re there!


Anime Expo 2018 Retrospective

With the end of Anime Expo, we saw the successful launch of our super fun Protein! design! Aggretsuko has been our favorite little surprise since its airing, and I’m so happy that the glory of the yoga master is enjoyed by so many others! For those not familiar, though he speaks in few words (well, one word, really…), his wisdom cannot be beat as he defies the limits of time and space for his students’ happiness. I can’t wait to see how the next season turns out!!

I didn’t really get to walk around too much at the convention, but the things I did see that were exciting were the hype teaser for One Punch Man Season 2 (though no actual announcement of release date), and the playable demo for the My Hero Academia Fighting game.

The game kinda reminded me stylistically of the Persona fighting game, only instead of using your Persona for Special attacks, you have your “sidekick” characters. The animation was fluid and beautiful, and the attacks seemed really fun and exciting.

Overall it was cool seeing all the new things on display, though it was kind of crazy how much the marketing machine for Fate: Grand Order was in full swing. Whole buildings were covered in images of Saber, Mash and Ruler. New and gorgeous figures and alternate costumes and outfits were all over the Model booths. Having Saber/Arturia as one of my favorite waifus really makes me want to get more into the GO mobile game, but I keep getting distracted by other shiny things. And I admit, part of me is afraid of the addictive nature of collecting all the epic heroes to fight the epic battles.

It was also lovely seeing all your lovely faces! Looking forward to next year!