Virtual Horror Con 2021

Today I am excited to announce that Savagesparrow Studios is one of the many proud sponsors of Virtual Horror Con 2021 by the lovely folx at Gehenna Gaming. The convention will feature a whole weekend filled with amazing tabletop RPG and other gaming experiences, as well as a variety of panels, demos, and workshops!

This weekend, three days of amazing games and ghouls!

It’s not too late to sign up for spots at the various open tables–some of which are even being run by the developers themselves!–just go to the signup page on the Virtual Horror Con website. The proceeds go towards putting on amazing events going forward, paying the GMs putting on the various games, and to charity!

I’ll also be playing in the Red Opera D&D module on Sunday, so be sure to check that out!

Finally, we are having ourselves an awesome sale this weekend in honor of the event! Every purchase will receive this super cute sticker of a movie fan variant of our Witch mascot, on top of the discounts with the code “VHC2021”.

Get excited and happy gaming!

Welcome to the Flipside!

Hello friends! I am excited to announce that we have setup a Partner Store for the super awesome webcomic Flipside, by Brion Foulke. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, Flipside follows around the adventures of a Jester girl named Maytag and her female bodyguard, Bernadette as they journey through the fantasy realm of Iscariot.

All ten of the Flipside books are now online, as well as the really awesome Nier-inspired T-shirt Brion designed. I know there’s been a bunch of you who have been excited about this shirt at conventions, so it’s awesome to be able to have it online once again! While sizes are limited for the right now, it will be getting a reprint soon. Keep an eye on the page as we add more Flipside products to the roster!

2B is fully loaded and ready to go with this design!

Finally, we will be starting our Black Friday sale a bit early this year by launching on Wednesday! With the code “eattrash20”, everyone will be able to take 20% off their entire purchase, and as usual, free shipping for all orders over $50 ($100 for international). We will also be launching a new “mega mystery” bundle, which will be 5 items at at least an $80 value for $35. It’s the perfect thing for getting sweet gifts for friends or white elephant events, or to just have a whole new wardrobe! Bundles will be grouped by size, and available until they sell out.

Our Triumphant Return!

Hello friends and welcome back to the website!

After some struggle and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I am so happy that we are a fully armed and operational Battle Station Apparel Company. We have a lot of new features and items added, and I’m super excited that everyone finally gets to see!

Firstly, we have several brand new designs up and online. A few of these have popped up at our more recent string of conventions, but the change in fulfillment made it awkward to get them on the internet until the stock could arrive. Just in case you don’t follow our facebook page, everything that was outstanding (with the exception of two things getting reprinted), has been shipped out as of today. We are now handling everything in house, and couldn’t be happier!

Next, we have added a new category for Tank Top designs in order to make it easier to see which designs are available as tanks or which designs are tank exclusive. Since we’re doing our shipping in house, we’re also able to finally offer Mystery Shirts online as well!

We also discovered when our stock was returned that a few the designs we thought dead and gone actually still had full runs remaining. We have also added quite a few new items to the On Sale section, so be sure to grab the resurrected designs (and the last chance items) before they run out! These will not be reprinted!

Finally, Black Friday and the other “Commercial Holidays” are this weekend. Anyone who uses code “EATTRASH19” will get 15% off their order! This code will be good from 11/29-12/3!

Remember friends: Thanksgiving responsibly and enjoy a (hopefully) relaxing weekend!

Temporary Hiatus

Hey guys!

So our old printer/fulfillment company, Monument, will be closing its doors soon. We wish them the best as they move on to new things, and are really happy with all of the wonderful work they’ve done for us over the years.

But for the time being, this means the online shop is temporarily on hold while I wait to receive my existing stock, find a new fulfillment company, and get everything organized. I am hoping it won’t take more than a couple weeks, but I won’t deny there’s some trepidation about bouncing into something new. I want to make sure the new endeavor is better than the old, and that means researching all the things and learning from past mistakes. I really want to thank everyone for their patience and continued support!

In the mean time, I will still be exhibiting at conventions. Youmacon in Detroit will be the next one I’ll be at, followed by Oni-con in Galvaston. I look forward to seeing everyone there!