Welcome to the Flipside!

Hello friends! I am excited to announce that we have setup a Partner Store for the super awesome webcomic Flipside, by Brion Foulke. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, Flipside follows around the adventures of a Jester girl named Maytag and her female bodyguard, Bernadette as they journey through the fantasy realm of Iscariot.

All ten of the Flipside books are now online, as well as the really awesome Nier-inspired T-shirt Brion designed. I know there’s been a bunch of you who have been excited about this shirt at conventions, so it’s awesome to be able to have it online once again! While sizes are limited for the right now, it will be getting a reprint soon. Keep an eye on the page as we add more Flipside products to the roster!

2B is fully loaded and ready to go with this design!

Finally, we will be starting our Black Friday sale a bit early this year by launching on Wednesday! With the code “eattrash20”, everyone will be able to take 20% off their entire purchase, and as usual, free shipping for all orders over $50 ($100 for international). We will also be launching a new “mega mystery” bundle, which will be 5 items at at least an $80 value for $35. It’s the perfect thing for getting sweet gifts for friends or white elephant events, or to just have a whole new wardrobe! Bundles will be grouped by size, and available until they sell out.

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