Unidentified Loot



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Behold ye adventurers, and feast your eyes upon this bundle of unidentified loot! This drop contains 1 [epic] cloth armor item of your size–it could be a tank top, it could be a t-shirt (the vast majority are t-shirts), the only way you will find out is by taking a chance with a roll to find out.

Each unidentified loot bag contains one t-shirt or tank top from designs we either have or have had in the past; they could be discontinued/retired designs, overstocks, or t-shirts with small stains/imperfections (example–design was printed on the wrong color shirt, design has a small spot of a random ink somewhere, design is printed with one of the colors in neon, shirt randomly summons dark elder Gods, etc). Once a mystery tee has been identified, it is forever keybound to the user and cannot be returned nor exchanged. Be forewarned–if there is a specific shirt in our collection that you have your eye on, you are far better served spending your gold on the one you’re hoping for as the Fates are quite fickle ladies. But you might gain a new and interesting armor piece, and at worst, the thrill of adventure!

Unidentified loot: for the frugal adventurer of discerning taste

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