Anime Expo 2018 Retrospective

With the end of Anime Expo, we saw the successful launch of our super fun Protein! design! Aggretsuko has been our favorite little surprise since its airing, and I’m so happy that the glory of the yoga master is enjoyed by so many others! For those not familiar, though he speaks in few words (well, one word, really…), his wisdom cannot be beat as he defies the limits of time and space for his students’ happiness. I can’t wait to see how the next season turns out!!

I didn’t really get to walk around too much at the convention, but the things I did see that were exciting were the hype teaser for One Punch Man Season 2 (though no actual announcement of release date), and the playable demo for the My Hero Academia Fighting game.

The game kinda reminded me stylistically of the Persona fighting game, only instead of using your Persona for Special attacks, you have your “sidekick” characters. The animation was fluid and beautiful, and the attacks seemed really fun and exciting.

Overall it was cool seeing all the new things on display, though it was kind of crazy how much the marketing machine for Fate: Grand Order was in full swing. Whole buildings were covered in images of Saber, Mash and Ruler. New and gorgeous figures and alternate costumes and outfits were all over the Model booths. Having Saber/Arturia as one of my favorite waifus really makes me want to get more into the GO mobile game, but I keep getting distracted by other shiny things. And I admit, part of me is afraid of the addictive nature of collecting all the epic heroes to fight the epic battles.

It was also lovely seeing all your lovely faces! Looking forward to next year!