New collection mini-campaign!

Hello friends!

Today I am SO EXCITED to launch a kickstarter for our new mini collection: The Friend Folio. It’s a mini collection of pins and tees inspired by your favorite fiends!

The Friend Folio: A Fiendish Apparel Collection

As many of you who have been speaking to me at conventions probably know, the ideas for these designs have been knocking around for a few years. It’s so exciting to finally be bringing them to life with this collection!

The Audacity of this Lich turning adventurers into productive members of the household
Our eldritch design bringing new meaning to the words “brain food”

This Kickstarter will also include stretch goals for reprinting some of your favorite designs with Baeholder and Stay Thirsty, so definitely get on board and tell all your friends!

We will also be doing a Kickstarter Launch Stream today (April 12) so feel free to stop by and keep me company!

Shipping delays

Hello friends!

So good news and bad news–The bad news is that due to shipping delays, I still haven’t received the bulk of my product shipments from Fedex (aka the product that was *supposed* to arrive in Sacramento and never did, nor the returns from the show we did in Phoenix). I have done everything I could to figure out how to get them here faster and have sadly hit a bit of a brick wall.

The good news is that I **was** able to fill as many orders as I could with the limited stock I had at home. Another 40ish orders will be going out today (yay!) and you guys should be getting notifications that it is being sent.

To everyone else, I am so very grateful for your patience and so very sorry that things are more on fire than they should be. I will be bringing my order sheets to gencon this weekend to hopefully fill some more as I (assuming the shipments don’t get delayed again) get restocked there, so if you will be attending, you can pick up your stuff in person at booth 2441!

Black Friday Weekend Sale!

Hello friends!

Here’s hoping everyone is having a happy and fantastic week as you count down the hours to freedom and fantastic food! Covid-19 has been a heartbreaking struggle for so many, and it’s completely changed how we’ve had to do business. We are so thankful to all of you for your support during these times; because of you, we will be able to stick around to kick ass in 2021!

But for right now, we want to thank YOU! Until Monday night, November 30, enter code “eattrash20” for 20% off your entire order. That’s right friends, Santa Sparrow is here to help you make your holiday wardrobe that much more awesome without breaking the bank!

There is free shipping automatically applied on all orders over $50 (US) and $100(International).

Next up, we have our badass new Unidentified MEGA LOOT bundles! These bundles have at least FIVE items within for $35, valued at at least $80. Shirts, tanks, leggings, bags, books–it runs the gamut of everything we’ve ever sold, and you guys get to profit.

We also have a slew of brand new markdowns in the Sale section! Be sure to explore the section and check them out!

Witchy Vibes Kickstarter

Hello friends!

While the Covid situation has definitively destroyed our travel plans, it hasn’t destroyed our desire to create new things! I am super excited to finally show off the new dress design I’ve been teasing for the last few months–the Witchy Vibes design!

The project features a new dress design–complete with pockets–with a kawaii pattern inspired by occulty items. Additionally, the old Basic Witch t-shirt has received an updated design and available for pre-order with a few other awesome rewards. If you’re interested in getting in on the reduced rates and cool things, give it a looksee! The more money raised, the more exciting things we can create!

Spring cleaning and Summer Additions!

Hello friends!

Hoo boy has it been a whirlwind of adventure these last few months! We have several new designs, new stuff on sale, and new things coming down in the pipeline! While the big hustle is getting stuff ready for Anime Expo in July, the Savagesparrow Street Team will also be on hand at Anime Matsuri and A-kon as well. Make sure you swing by and say hi–Tributes of coffee/snacks will be met with alarming amounts of gratitude.

I am SO proud of our new and badass designs. And I really, really love seeing the community come together and make them their own. Every time we get tagged, our heart grows three sizes and we blush in a most moe fashion. If you’re interested in following our Convention ridiculousness as it’s all happening, please follow me on instagram @savagseparrow666.

On my way to steal your girl…!

I’ve also been trying to do more streaming on Twitch, and I started a Patreon! If you’re interested in checking out the process and watching me fail upwards towards Memey glory, consider giving a follow. Until then, back to the grindstone I return~!


Hello friends!

If you’re here, chances are you’ve been a fan of my work for a little while. Maybe you started as a fan of my old webcomic, or perhaps you were in for the fan comics of various games I’ve done on my deviantART page. But more than likely, you met a quirky girl at a convention who sold you a t-shirt of something that she thought no one else but her would think was cool enough to wear on their bodies.

To all of you, I wish to say: Thank you so much for sharing and enjoying the same weird jokes that I do. Without your support, I wouldn’t have a job much less a career; support which has culminated in the creation of this beautiful website!

We may/may not have had many chair-related injuries from being so excited

I really want savagesparrow.com to be a community experience. I want to share the things I love with fellow fans, and keep on connecting and hearing your stories and adventures! I want this blog to be more than just product advertisement, but to talk about the stuff I’m reading/playing/watching so everyone else can get hyped for it too! I’m looking at setting up a regular schedule for streaming things on Wednesdays, so please follow for updates!

Without further ado, however, let us celebrate the birth of the official Savagesparrow Studios!