Shipping delays

Hello friends!

So good news and bad news–The bad news is that due to shipping delays, I still haven’t received the bulk of my product shipments from Fedex (aka the product that was *supposed* to arrive in Sacramento and never did, nor the returns from the show we did in Phoenix). I have done everything I could to figure out how to get them here faster and have sadly hit a bit of a brick wall.

The good news is that I **was** able to fill as many orders as I could with the limited stock I had at home. Another 40ish orders will be going out today (yay!) and you guys should be getting notifications that it is being sent.

To everyone else, I am so very grateful for your patience and so very sorry that things are more on fire than they should be. I will be bringing my order sheets to gencon this weekend to hopefully fill some more as I (assuming the shipments don’t get delayed again) get restocked there, so if you will be attending, you can pick up your stuff in person at booth 2441!

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