New collection mini-campaign!

Hello friends!

Today I am SO EXCITED to launch a kickstarter for our new mini collection: The Friend Folio. It’s a mini collection of pins and tees inspired by your favorite fiends!

The Friend Folio: A Fiendish Apparel Collection

As many of you who have been speaking to me at conventions probably know, the ideas for these designs have been knocking around for a few years. It’s so exciting to finally be bringing them to life with this collection!

The Audacity of this Lich turning adventurers into productive members of the household
Our eldritch design bringing new meaning to the words “brain food”

This Kickstarter will also include stretch goals for reprinting some of your favorite designs with Baeholder and Stay Thirsty, so definitely get on board and tell all your friends!

We will also be doing a Kickstarter Launch Stream today (April 12) so feel free to stop by and keep me company!

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