Mystic Revolution Book 1


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In the future, the gaming industry will be taken by storm by Mystic Revolution, the world’s first completely interactive MMORPG. With the revolutionary “halo” system, players can now experience the pain, pleasure–and hangovers–of their characters on a whole ‘nother level!

After serving a year-long ban, all ex-moderator Lourdes wanted to do was relax and enjoy some solo play. Unfortunately, she finds herself stuck with a not-so- l33t ninja who won’t take her subtle–and not so subtle–hints to go away. Together, they meet an odd assortment of other players in their quest for life, love, and the pursuit of alcohol!

Mystic Revolution Vol. 1 collects Chapters 1-9 of the popular webcomic Mystic Revolution by Jennifer Brazas, with some pages featuring updated artwork and a full color insert. Plus, it contains a whole new bonus comic of content never before seen online!